Nic de Brauwere

Tuesday, July 12 2016 at 5:30PM

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Cellar House
2 Eaton St

Nic de Brauwere

What's the talk about?

Skeptics In The Pub is known for discussing evidence-based medicine in humans, but we rarely cover medicine regarding other species. In this talk, our speaker will be looking at medicine for horses and other equines.

In February 2015, Redwings Horse Sanctuary experienced its first outbreak in 23 years of a highly contagious equine disease. Strangles, also known as equine distemper, is a respitory tract infection with high morbidity and a 1% mortality rate.

At the height of the outbreak 24 horses showed varying degrees of clinical infection and tested positive for strangles, many more required testing and nine quarantine zones were in operation across the our Norfolk farms resulting in an expenditure of over £4,000 a week to contain, manage and treat the disease.

Nic de Brauwere, Head of Welfare & Behaviour at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, will talk about the disease itself, the evidence-based way that Redwings dealt with the disease and what they learned which has furthered humanity's knowledge of Strangles.